Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Canadian Ranger Distress Color of the Month Club

Hi Everyone,
Tim Holtz /Ranger Distress Ink Color of the Month
We've all been so excited about the Ranger /Tim Holtz collaboration that resulted in the Distress Color of the month.  Since Tim announced their first color release in January, Cracked Pistachio, the Distress Color of the Month on most card makers, rubber stampers and scrapbookers' wish list!

On the first Friday of every month, Tim Holtz introduces the newest in the Distress Color of the month.  The color will start shipping around the 20th of the month.  Ranger is releasing the new color in a Distress Ink Pad, Re-inker, Distress Stain, Distress Paint, Distress Spray Stain and Distress Marker. 

We weren't prepared for their popularity, heck, even Ranger themselves weren't ready for the avalanche of orders... Suppliers and distributors didn't order enough, Ranger ran out....Yikes.... Since that day in January, Ranger has learned to make more inks, suppliers have learned to order more, (so the retailers aren't caught in the middle between customers customers who want their New Distress Colors and suppliers who have sold out...

Since that day, Ranger and Tim Holtz has introduced FOUR new colors of Distress inks and products:  Cracked Pistachio, Abandoned Coral, Mermaid Lagoon and Fossillized Amber (Fossilized Amber is ready to be shipped out today from the US manufacturer)..and the others are currently on their way to me (for those of you who are still waiting for your order to arrive.

A customer approached me a few weeks ago and asked if Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps and Paper Crafts could set up some kind of Distress Color of the Month Club, where members would commit to order the new release (either the bundled set, or whatever products they wanted).(3-4 month commitment).and, in return, get their inks faster.
I talked to my Canadian Ranger Supplier, and we were able to come up with an agreement.  I felt if the Distress Club members would commit to their order for this time, I would make it more rewarding....Locked in Prices, (no matter if the prices get higher because of the Canadian Dollar, they get the lower one)...AND, to make things even better..Special Postage for members monthly order.

Introducing Integrity Designs Distress Ink Color of the Month Club

You can join the Distress Ink Color of the Month Club by emailing me your order, for whichever products you want to receive (minimum 3 month commitment) and your order will be included in the first shipment that arrives in Canada.
 Our Canadian Ranger Distributor and I have come up with an arrangement where he will pre-order YOUR order prior to the ink color being announced, so it will be in the first shipment, BUT, if you want to add to your order, after the color has been introduced, I can't guarantee the add-on will be sent at the same time as your standing order.

SPECIAL POSTAGE for Color of the Month Club Members
I have found over the past four months of Distress Ink Color releases that most of my customers are ordering the Ink pad, re-inker and marker.  It's nice to be able to match your marker color to the inks for those 'Special little touches'.  Some Customers add sprays and stains or paints.  This means because of the size of the bottles re-inker,stain, spray, or paint, the order will have to be shipped in a box for Parcel Post rates, since it won't go through Canada Post's template for envelopes and over-sized mailers.  I have come up with an idea that will save Distress Club Color of the Month members on postage.  

I will mail the Distress ink pad and Distress Marker (whatever will fit in an envelope) when they arrive at lettermail prices  (current postage rate is $1.86) (Did you know ALL ink pads can be mailed in envelopes! (for cheap postage, WooHoo!)

If you aren't in a hurry for your Distress re-inker or Distress Stain or Paint (Whatever doesn't fit in envelope), I can hold the bulky, thicker items for 2-3 months and mail them to you at one time, charging you at the time of mailing to you.
    I am not asking for payment in advance, but I AM asking for a commitment that you will take the products you pre-order.  You will be charged for the items when they are mailed to you.

Distress Ink Club Color of the Month Special Price Guarantee
To make things even better for Distress Ink Club members, Your Prices will be lower than if the Distress products were purchased after the colors are introduced. AND,  I will lock in the prices of your pre-order, for the length of your commitment.  If the dollar worsens and the prices go up, Club Members will keep the original pricing.  **But, if the Canadian dollar gets stronger, and prices Drop, your prices will drop to reflect the better retail pricing.
Special Distress Club Color of the Month pricing
Distress Ink Pad $7.95
Distress Re-Inker $6.95
Distress Marker: $4.65
Distress Paint (Dauber top) $6.95
Distress Spray Stain $6.95
Distress Stain $6.95
For those of you who like the little Mini Distress ink pads, and have been asking about when the NEW Colors of the Month are going to be released, Tim Holtz has announced that they will be released in sets of FOUR, the month following the release of the fourth color.  I am also taking Distress Club pre-orders for the mini-ink pads as well.  

Special Mini-Distress Ink Pad storage case is Now Available

A new storage case has been developed for storing the Mini Distress Ink pads.  This case has a click-in tray that helps hold down the top of up to twelve mini ink pads, so they don't slide askew, and allow air to dry out the ink pad!  It will be arriving this week.  If you are one of the Distress Mini Pad fans, and were getting frustrated with your lids slipping off, You definitely want to check this case out!  

There has been so many new products, and new releases from Memory Box, Poppy Stamps, Spellbinders and all of these great companies that keep us crafting!  
If you are interested in ordering from Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps, or Joining the Integrity Designs Distress Color of the Month Club, email me at:  integritydes at gmail dot com.  (email address also in side bar.  If you'd like to visit our Online catalog, we invite you to visit us at: http://s13.photobucket.com/user/integritydesigns/library/?sort=6&page=1
If you have any problems navigating our site, or are looking for a product that you can't locate, feel free to email me.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to visit our blog.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

What has happened in ten months?

Hi there!  Can you believe this..? It's been almost ten months since I posted last!  where has the time gone?
There has been a lot of new happenings on in the paper crafting world, with wonderful new products, and some great new techniques and tips being introduced....but, I'm afraid I have not been posting to my blog...So, I've decided today is a good day to catch up, and let you know why I've been silent...and, No, I didn't win the lottery and move to some wonderful tropical country...(mind you, the way world politics have been going, I don't think there is a country I'd rather live in than Canada...but, there's nothing wrong with visiting, right!?  (especially in the middle of winter when it's 20 degrees below zero...Celsius, not Fahrenheit!)

So, Here it is..My year, in a nutshell:

Autumn - Winter
I had some health issues last fall, which carried over into the winter months; but Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps and Paper Crafting Supplies was still in operation.  We were still taking and shipping orders and answering product questions.  By the time I finished with orders and updating my online catalog at the end of the day, I didn't want to sit at the computer...(now I know what my friends who work in offices mean when they say by the end of the day they don't want to look at a computer). I spent evenings either sitting in front of the television set or playing down in the studio.  I'll be honest, I spent more time in front of the TV...it seemed that I had lost my card-making and scrapbooking mojo...(over 3,000 photos from holidays, still on camera cards, so it wasn't that I had nothing to 'work with'..., lol).  I watched videos and releases from the Winter CHA show from Anaheim in January and drooled...There are always so many great new introductions!

One of my favorite times of the year...(anyone who knows me, knows that I love something about every season....and, I 'love most'  whichever season I'm currently 'in'.....(but, I admit, I do have to think a little longer about listing great things about Winter)
 Like other gardeners, I love spring and all of the promise it brings...but, this year was different...lots of promise...but, not so much 'action'. After the snow melted...I waited..and waited...My flower beds and yard still looked very sad, with gaping empty patches where some of my lovely perennials should be.  I lost a few rose bushes and my 'wine-colored' clematis (which was my pride and joy) didn't come back to life...
There's nothing that whining and crying will accomplish, but I did discover something:  There is truth to the old saying "Misery Loves Company"  I was told by various staff at local greenhouses and nurseries that they didn't think there was a clematis that made it through the winter we had, AND many others lost perennials too.  (After talking with other people shopping for new rose bushes, perennials and plants, I did feel much better.   I wasn't the only person who lost so many plants! I'm not sure why, but felt somewhat better...it seems that...'Misery does love company'

...brought travelling and crabbing.
We had a busy first week in July.  We went to Hinton Alberta for a family reunion!  It was great!  We camped at a great campground, and spent 4 days visiting family and it was wonderful!
We headed back home on July 7, and on July 9 we loaded up the motorhome and headed south, into the USA.  We had spent our vacation last year driving down the Pacific Coast Highway 101, which was wonderful...but, there were a lot of great places we didn't get a chance to visit, or couldn't stay long at...So, we decided to go back this year, with our list of places we wanted to see and things we didn't get a chance to do....At the top of our list was Crabbing....Catching Dungeness Crab.  Last year we bought them, this year, Gord wanted to catch our own tasty treats...That was on the top of our list....
We rented the traps, etc and did what had to be done...(and, we caught some, but, none of them were keepers)..They all had to go back; either too small, or they were females which couldn't be kept...sometimes it pays to be a female, lol .....Nothing from our trap could be kept and eaten....BUT, luckily for us...we could still buy them!  It  would have been a 'kicker', if we couldn't have eaten any because we didn't catch any big enough.......Thank goodness, there were places we could go to and buy fresh Dungeness Crabs that had just been caught and brought in within a few hours....not only were they super fresh...they were also cooked and cleaned!...Nothing wrong with that!!
We had fun, the weather was beautiful, scenery was great, and we met so many wonderful people.

We made it back home at the end of August, and back to reality...

We found that we needed to remove our large Amur Maple Tree, which broke my heart...It was huge!  It wasn't supposed to get that big, and when we planted it in 2001, it was such a little 'charlie brown tree'......I'll be honest, we knew that it was ill, and that we were going to have to remove it eventually...be had no idea of how we were going to get it out of our yard without ruining the fence, concrete edging, and the side deck, (which it was planted next to).  I wanted to remove it, roots and all, as I'd like to put another tree in the same area, as it gives us privacy, and shelters us from the harsh, West sun in the afternoon and evening.
    But, we did it, we got it out, (with no damage to our fence or decks...)and, after two days of digging, cutting with an axe and working hard, Gord managed to dig down 24 inches, and get all of the roots out..and new dirt put in.  We had dug out my Daylilies, Asiatic lilies and  perennials that were in the bed under the tree. They are now back where they belong, divided and healthy... We would have liked to replace the tree this fall, but, there were very few trees at the garden centers...and I don't have a clue what to plant. I'm definitely going to have to do some researching online this winter...

Autumn is here!
And, what a gorgeous autumn is is!  With my yard work done, now it's time to play.  It doesn't matter if you are indoors or outdoors...there is so much to do when the weather is this lovely!  (for those of us who want to work on our cards and pictures indoors, it's nice to look outside and view the gorgeous fall colors, and use them for inspiration!..

For many of us, autumn is the time we start getting ready for Christmas and the holiday season.  Shopping for and/or making gifts, making cards, getting vacation pictures into order for albums and more. What a wonderful time of year!  Full of anticipation and excitement....

The past few weeks I've been looking through my supplier's emails, WOW, so many companies releasing new dies and embossing folders, new inks, (and, of course, Tim Holtz and Ranger have been  busy, introducing new Distress Spray Stains (Yippee! I'll tell you more later about WHY I am so excited about the new product...)..AND, they have finally brought back the Matte Glue n Seal adhesive, in both 1 oz and 3.5 oz jars..(with the built in brushes)  I still haven't figured out why they discontinued it in the first place; it was one of my favorite adhesives and sealers!
if you've never had the chance to use it, check it out, I think you will like it!

Glue n Seal is an adhesive and sealer in one!  it dries with a non-sticky matte finish.  It's the perfect choice for a project that needs an adhesive undercoat, and a matte finish, non sticky top coat!  Glue n seal comes in two sizes, 1 oz and 3.5 oz, and both sizes come with a brush (attached to inside of  lid).

Exciting news- Tattered Lace dies-and now more...!

Before I close for now,  for those of you who like using cutting and embossing dies,I've got some exciting news.  The British company, Tattered Lace, who is known to make the most detailed and intricate dies available has branched out and expanded their product line.    Since January they have also been publishing a monthly magazine about dies and die cutting. In this magazine as well as sample cards and projects,  free decorative papers and templates and tutorials, they've included something very special...a FREE DIE!  Not just a little rinky-dink little cheapo die...Nooooo...The included die in the monthly magazines are beautiful intricate dies that, in most cases, would cost more if purchased separately than you are paying for the magazine!!  A few months ago, the retail value of the die was $31.00 and purchasers paid $21.00 for the magazine!   
What I also appreciate, is that in the magazine are several samples and tutorials that use the included die!  Can't go wrong with that, right?!
Tattered Lace has introduced their new Christmas dies (available soon)and the Tattered Lace Christmas Special magazine is available to order.  (Should arrive in November )

On the main page of our online catalog, along with new products available, you will find information about the newest upcoming issue of the Tattered Lace magazine, including a picture of the free die, shown on the cover.    These can be pre-ordered, by emailing me, and I will make sure one is reserved  for you.  Best of all...At this point in time, we are lucky, and Tattered Lace has some copies of the back issues #1 to #10.  Issue #11 is now becoming available, and we are all excited about the newest upcoming magazine, their Christmas Special Issue!  Even though it is a special issue, the price will be the same, $21.00, and it will include the Christmas Rose Free die!

I've been going through my suppliers' websites, checking out the new Christmas and winter products...WOW, New dies and coordinating stamps from 'My Favorite Things', new dies from Cheery-Lynn...., Next week new dies from Poppy Stamps/Memory Box will be available!! They can be seen in my online catalog in  Cutting dies - Memory Box and Poppy Stamps  I'm glad to see that many companies are not only releasing holiday dies and stamps, but they are also introducing new general dies, great for Birthdays and everyday occasions.

It's a gorgeous day today, and I told myself I would not go outside until I posted this.  (I have a little more work today outside, but on such a lovely day, I can't call it work).   My suppliers have been introducing new products and companies that who have great new products, and I've been putting them in Integrity Designs Rubber Stamps and Paper Craft Supplies online catalog  
I hope you get a chance to check out our online catalog, and the new dies, embossing folders, rubber stamps, inks and glues that are now available, or coming soon.  If you have any questions, please email me. You will find ordering information on the main page, in the NOTES:  (email me to order)

Happy Paper Craftin'